ECU Repair Centre. The address for a fast and reliable revision of your car electronics. We repair the modules for a fraction of the new price and, of course, with warranty.

All repairs are done in our own workshop and, after the repair, as much as possible, bench tested in our test environment. The bench test environment has been specifically designed and built by us for this purpose.

We are specialized in the repair of the following car electronic modules:

            - ABS pump,
            - Body Control module,
            - Cruise Control, 
            - Fuelpump, Fuelpump relays
            - Ignition module,
            - Instrument panel,
            - Motormanagement,
            - Overvoltage relays

            - Power Steering,
            - Throttlebody,
            - Transmission,
            - Turbo,
            - and many more. 

In the left-hand colomn, products and brands, you can find our complete repair program. In addition to our fixed repair program it may also be possible to repair other products/brands/types. Please fill in our repair request form (no obligations), and you will get an answer from us as soon as possible.

We can also offer you a diagnostic service for some modules, e.g. ABS and Cruise Control systems.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.